Super Grav

Super Grav, the official sequel to the 1998 coverdisk hit Gravitation, is out now on iOS, Android and Steam!

Steam Store page:

It’s also out now on iOS and Android:

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Super Grav got Greenlit for Steam thanks to those who voted and took the time to leave a comment. Thank you all! :D

Super Grav running on a Samsung Galaxy S4

Super Grav Demo

NOTE: If you’re upgrading from v1.1.1 or earlier and want to keep your previous records and replays please see the DemoReadMe.rtf file in the zip for instructions of how to move the relevant files over (the Demo version now has its own data folder to avoid conflict with the non-demo version). 

v1.1 adds an all-new difficulty settings allowing beginners to control the ship far more easily. v1.1.1 adds the ability to use the keyboard in 1-player even with gamepads connected, and the secret mini-game!). Download below:

Download Super Grav Demo v1.4.5 for PC

Download Super Grav Demo v1.4.5 for Mac

Download Super Grav Demo v1.4.5 for Linux

Download Super Grav Demo v1.4.5 for Android (NEW!)

Super Grav has now been Greenlit!! Thanks so much to those who voted and left comments, without you this wouldn’t have happened! Here’s the Super Grav Steam Greenlight page if interested, or go here for the main store page.

Want to play the original Gravitation? Well now you can! Full game for free here! (click the image to go to the Gravitation page. Downloads are there for PC, Mac, Linux and Android, or you can play in the browser using WebGL, no plugin needed):

Gravitation is mostly a local multiplayer game - though you can do time trials in single-player. Get Super Grav for an all-new single-player mission mode and online leaderboards!

Some Super Grav work-in-progress screenshots:

The first tutorial Mission:

A 3-player split-screen Dogfight:

Are you a gaming journalist and want to review and feature Super Grav on your site? Click Here for the Super Grav Press Pack - this contains both PC and mobile screenshots, plus banners (inc. the animated one below) and large icon images (square and rounded).


For more details on the gamecheck out the store descriptions:

Steam Store page:

App Store:

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